Trafific light Vanguard 200 PPC


VANGUARD signal head, made in polycarbonate in size 200mm with door square, colored in mass and UV stabilized, manufactured in Spain according to the European standard EN12368 that allows us to ensure the highest quality indicators including the CE marking and the IK10 and that brings together the Following main characteristics:

  • Standard colors (Yellow, Gray, Black, Green and Black / Green combination).
  • Modular assembly of easy coupling with anti-rotation system, thus allowing to create different combinations.
  • Low weight and highly resistant to impact.
  • Specially designed to go with led optics (there is no model with glowin).
  • High degree of electrical insulation.
  • Quick fixation to visor pressure with 8 anchor points allowing its rotation at 30º intervals



  1. With visors
  2. Without visors