Traffic Light Post RTL

According to a study in several cities, there is a difficulty in seeing the traffic light of vehicles when we are in the first positions. The new SONTRAFIC RTL.95 RGY system, in its two versions, comes to alleviate this need and reinforce the visibility of the traffic light.

Our system is composed of:

An RTL.95 repeater traffic light module made up of an anodized aluminum box 955mm long, 26.6mm wide and 11mm high, with a polycarbonate cover with IK10 resistance and inside the red, amber and green LEDs that meet the European regulation EN12368/2008.

A control unit where the electronics are housed, protected by a waterproof box with IP54 protection and CE marking of reduced size to be installed inside the column, thus allowing connection outside the column for greater safety and comfort for the installer.

To cover the various situations that we can find ourselves at a crossroads, we have two different solutions:


With a 3mm thick aluminum column, diameter 100 with base plate, in which the repeater is embedded, remaining integrated and flush, forming a single element painted in RAL 7046 and that can optionally be supplied painted in another RAL (this change of color carries an extra cost)


To take advantage of the existing columns, in this option a "U" type aluminum support has been manufactured, painted in gray that allows its installation quickly and easily, in this way the repeater is completely integrated into the column.