Muncipalia 2017

19th INTERNATIONAL MUNICIPALIA FAIR from October 24 to 26, 2017.
Fair referring to the sector of municipal equipment and services, this year the event has been expanded to become international with a broad participation of companies and international visitors.
We had the opportunity to receive a series of visits from international governmental institutions such as: Representatives of the City Council of Algiers and the Ministry of Transport of Algeria, as well as several countries of LATAM such as Peru and Ecuador respectively.
In the area of ​​this fair, we present our new floor traffic light, SONTRAFIC TLS, it is a traffic light system that is installed on the sidewalk of pedestrian crossings and is designed so that pedestrians who are distracted by looking at their Smartphone, can see the state of the traffic light (RED or GREEN), warning them visually, avoiding the accident risks of pedestrians.

Muncipalia 2017
Muncipalia 2017 Muncipalia 2017 Muncipalia 2017 Muncipalia 2017

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