Traffic Light soil TLS

The SONTRAFIC - TLS  system (Traffic Light Soil) is intended to provide dynamic information about the status of a pedestrias crossing.


The system shows the information by means of a line of light embedded in the floor that allows the change of color between red and green through two independent inputs of 110 / 220V or 24V.


The system allows the visualization of 2 levels of light intensity DAY-NIGHT that guarantees a correct visibility according to the ambient luminosity with the corresponding adjustment and reduction of consumptions (LOW CONSUMPTION).




With a specific design for this application, the system is composed of three (3) differentiated elements in order to facilitate and improve the maintenance of the whole, we have differentiated it as detailed:


1. Carrier guide box module.

2. Light line signaling module.

3. Module control unit and power supply


The boxes contain all the necessary electronics and act as a temperature conductor for the evacuation of the heat generated to the outside.


Inside it is located the printed circuit on which the LEDs are mounted as well as the associated electronics to avoid possible voltage drops that may be generated.


Set of up to 5 + 5m of light with a single power line without voltage drops.